It takes grit

“It started with a cough. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I was 90 years old for Christ’s sake, my lungs were old. Despite my protests, my wife finally convinced me to go in to the doctor, and after a few more tests, I had a diagnosis. Stage 2 lung cancer. That’s when I was introduced to Community’s Lung Nodule Program – great people and great treatment. Saved my life.

Two years later I am still here – but my cough is back. I’m in chemotherapy and radiation now to try and lick this thing for the second time. I joke with Dr. Upadhyay and the other girls that if they can give me two more years I would be appreciative. I am a newlywed after all.

Treatment is a little scary at first, and it’s been hard on my family. But I know I am in good hands. Life throws you curve balls sometimes and you can choose to either strike out, or hit it out of the park. I am aiming for the latter.”

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