It takes coordination

“One day, I went in for a routine screening mammogram by recommendation from my doctor, since I was over 40 years old. I ended up failing the tests, and I started going in for ultrasounds at the Radin Breast Cancer Center. I can say with absolute confidence that the technologists are incredible, and they made me feel very comfortable during the process. When we went through the tests and analyzed the biopsies, and I got the news of my cancer diagnosis, they made a very difficult, life-changing situation much easier to process. Although that day was a bit of a blur, the entire team and my nurse coordinator, Beverly McCann, guided me through some of the toughest days of my life.

A better approach

My treatment included a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and breast reconstruction. Without Beverly and the Radin team throughout the process, I would have been lost. Also, the fact that the center is a multidisciplinary clinic, with a complete approach to breast care, meant that my general stress and anxiety was significantly decreased. They had specialists in imaging, diagnostics, surgery, pathology, cancer care and emotional support, all under one roof.

It was so nice to sit in one room and have the doctors come to me directly, instead of having me run around town or bounce from office to office to get the care I needed. The entire team met to coordinate a custom treatment plan for me, but I was happy to learn that they were always interested in how I wanted to handle the situation. We were in it together from day one.

From patient to part of the team

I was so moved by my personal experience as a patient, I eventually became a Nurse Care Coordinator at Community. My job is to assist the technologist, give results to patients regarding their biopsy, and just be there for the patient with answers to any questions they might have, or help they need. If they can’t get through to a doctor, I can be their first contact.

Experiencing the hospital as a patient has definitely helped to improve some of my nursing. I think I see things differently when I have a patient who is going through a lot of anxiety, and I can look at them and say, “I understand completely.” I strive to know not just the patient, but their family and friends as well.

What I love most about Community is how well my family and I were taken care of when I was a patient. As a nurse, this place has an even more special place in my heart, and has allowed me to help others go through the best experience possible during their treatment.

Comprehensive care

The Marjorie E. Radin Breast Care Center takes a different approach to breast care – a complete approach, with state-of-the-art imaging technology for detecting breast conditions and a team of specialists for follow-up when needed.

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